Pop CD

“Pop” is an enigmatic CD. None of the songs are anything alike,
other than that they are all bound by strong back beats.

This limited CD release is primarily targeted for the Global Digital Download Market. You can buy the CD or single songs on music websites like: Spotify, iTunes,  Rhapsody  or CDbaby.

***CD Notes and Commentary***

FIRST: There are 3 Slammin’ Club Songs:

-Cut #4 -“Come Feel My Love” is a humorous, Super-Frank-Sexual techno song with an Epic Global Theme for sure! If this song don’t make ya move something’s wrong with yo body or you’re sexually repressed!

* As expressed by a contemporary composer: “It’s a testosterone driven, everybody wants to do it, to the point, lyrical composition. The entire thing just stayed in my head. I woke up the next day and it was the first thing I thought of…a very controversial creation. I love it.”

-Cut #12 – The CD ends with an extended “Come Feel My Love” -(CLUB-MIX)** for DJ’s to work into their sets easily.

-Cut #7 -“Chote’ Vi” is a high energy instrumental with a really cool swing to it. Feels like it’s pushing the beat the whole time. You will dance!

** The rest of the CD is songs about all kinds of things:

Cut #1 – “Love When You Want It” is an over the top, keyboard oriented, Super/Pop/Funk song that is dramatically orchestrated, laced with lust and fairy tale ideas about love that never comes when you want it to….

“Felt like I was flying I was half way ’round the world
She sat still & listened to my stories about everything
Suddenly I was wishing I could hold her for a while
And I stood there unwilling to be lonely once again let’s face it…
Love when you want it never comes on time”…

Cut #2 – “Think for Yourself”, is a fantastical concept piece originally documented as three separate spontaneous vocal improvisations. They were edited together into a song and all of the production was built around what you hear.

“Take a long ride on a pirate ship somewhere beyond the sea
Get your life in a sailor cap & set your soul free
Yea say I’m sailing, nothing left to do
Big wide gropin’ sails, across for me & you

Nobody really saying much of anything, Think for Yourself”…

“Think for Yourself” readdresses a topic that has always been a problem especially now that unprecedented global media access has produced “Group Think” issues on a new scale. Fanaticism & the repetitive nature in peoples thinking is the greatest enemy to humanity. Simply stated, the most important thing humans can do is make informed decisions for themselves, independently of peer groups and external pressures.

Cut #5 -“Kiati” is an acronym for “Kind is all there Is”.
The song is about hope and forgiveness when you lose your foot hole to the world:

“Part of they sky will open when it’s dark
There’ll be a time when hope will resolve and love renews
The promise is made when you fall
When you fall be kind is all there is”…

Cut #6 -“Functional Dysfunctional”. This is a song about all of us who are dysfunctional by many standards, as some would have it. And then there are the people who are “Functional Dysfunctional’s”. The song is about the cycle of dysfunction in families/society… The kid is dysfunctional because his dad messed him over, kid grows up, has kids, beats his son and the cycle of dysfunction keeps on going through generations of families. etc…

Cut #9 – “Please Don’t Smoke I’m Singin'”. I was cutting a vocal track one night and a friend was smoking in the studio, blowing it right in my face, and I turned and asked him… “Please Don’t Smoke I’m Singin’!” That’s how this funny song came to be.

There is a very ethnically mixed line-up on this song. Two Italian Americans, two Black Americans (add..Creole & Italian) and one redneck! This makes for a good Louisiana Creole Funk Gumbo!

Cut #10 – “Luv Talk”. This is a Funk/Pop song about what happens with modern sex & the uncomfortable nature of discussions that may arise…

Cut #11- “Space Dock 9”. This is an improvised instrumental recording. The ending is in direct contrast with the material that preceded it. It is as if a “Light” came on to bring order from chaos.

-Cut #12 – The CD ends with an extended “Come Feel My Love” -(CLUB-MIX)** for DJ’s to work into their sets easily.

Lottery Jingles CD

Lottery Jingles CD is a compilation of commercial Lottery Jingles.  It contains nine radio spots composed and produced by Mark Galasso, aka Antifluff Superstar.

The first four of the jingles on the CD have won National & International awards in advertising.

“Pick 4” the first cut on the CD, won BEST RADIO SPOT at the NORTH AMERICAN LOTTERY AWARDS, in Halifax Nova Scotia, 1999. There were 47 Lottery companies at the competition, from all over North America.

Also included on this CD is the “Brocato Piece.” This was composed for Brocato International’s 1998 appearance at the “ALTERNATIVE HAIR SHOW”, at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL, LONDON. Every year a video of the show is made and distributed throughout the world wide hair industry. The “Alternative Hair Show” is one of the biggest Leukaemia fund raisers in the world.

The CD ends with a re-mastered version of “ANTIFLUFF SUPERSTAR”.

This CD will make you dance and funk ya up and leave you with a smile. If you want to hear what fresh, Louisiana-Mardi-Gras Party- Funk sounds like, you’ll get ya some on this fo’ sho’!