Mark Galasso is a recording artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, singer, producer, sound engineer/mixer/programmer and professional photographer (

Born into a family of classical musicians his father was violinist Michael A. Galasso, who was Concert Master of the Baton Rouge Symphony and Professor of Music at Louisiana State University. His Mother, Michaela Galasso Williams, was also Principle Oboist in the BRSO. His eldest brother, Michael J. Galasso, was a widely known violinist, ECM recording artist and composer (In the Mood for Love, Seraphine) who worked extensively with Robert Wilson.

Mark studied composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and holds a Business Degree, with minors in Finance and Music, from Louisiana State University.

His dedication to music has produced a considerable body of published songs, award winning jingles and musical works, including critically acclaimed music releases (Six CD’s/One Single):

Perchaplectic, Antifluff Superstar, Spirit Play, Lottery Jingles, Pop, Big Backyard – Montessori Songs for Children, He Was Gone (Single)

Galasso was a keyboardist, bassist and singer with RCA recording artist C’vello, frequently performing with the group throughout the 1990’s.

In April, 2013 he released a critically acclaimed CD of children’s songs entitled Big Backyard – Montessori Songs for Children. The material was developed while teaching music to Montessori pre-school children at Montessori Children’s House, the oldest private Montessori school in Baton Rouge.

His latest release “He Was Gone” is a hauntingly beautiful song about moving through loss, with acceptance, grace & perseverance.

Mark Galasso’s Discography:



Antifluff Superstar:

Lottery Jingles:

Spirit Play:



Big Backyard -Montessori Songs for Children:

“The goal with ‘Big Backyard” was to create some new standard children’s songs that would endure the test of time and empower children through the liberating philosophical principals of Montessori.”

He Was Gone : Released August 7, 2019

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