“He Was Gone” (Single)

“He Was Gone” is a song about moving through loss, with acceptance, grace & perseverance.

Song Credits: Music composed, performed, recorded & mixed by Mark Galasso

Mark Galasso: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Dobro,
Chromatic Harmonica, Bass Harmonica, Percussion, Drum Programming, Train Intro Recording

Electric Bass: David Ellis

Lyrics by Mark Galasso

Cover Photo by Mario Alessi

Recorded at Planet Love, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mastered by Erik Wolf at Wolf Mastering

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He Was Gone

Out of his head
It’s the last thing he ever would do
Calling him back there lost
Someone to love

He was gone
On a Train
He was gone
A river of shame

Oh, he said he was gone he broke it off
And there it was he wrote the song
And yes it was the last he ever would sing

Half of the time there he wept
‘Till summer was gone
Tearing the pieces he left out
Wrote over and read

He was gone
Covered in red
He was gone
Delivered & Dead

You can remember it all it was the best
And yes the loss was all too much
It tested all he was slumped over in pain

Shackles & all what is left here is over & done
Nothing is left but the daylight
A brother in love

To be em-better’ed in ways you walk along
And there you are you’re left to cull your fate
And what it was, whatever will make

In a storm
There is pain
It’s a long road recovered with less
Forever You Remain