Antifluff Superstar CD

Antifluff Superstar was composed & recorded during a period of unprecedented self-growth. All of the material was conceived, recorded & mixed without any constrictions regarding when the music was documented as a musical expression. This creates a spontaneity and freshness not easily duplicated in the recording studio.

“OFFBEAT”, New Orleans’ premier music magazine wrote:

“Mark Galasso who gifted us with some of the best modern Louisiana pop around on 1997’s PERCHAPLECTIC, returns with a new persona as Antifluff Superstar, completing his studio-perfectionistic control-freak journey full circle. He’s even starting to sound like other wizards and true stars: his funk is becoming positively Princely, his twisted classicism Rundgrenian, his confessionality Lennonesque. The title track dips and weaves between three decades of damaged art-pop like a drunk on a binge. Just when he seems unfathomable, he polishes off a Beatlesque gem (“Jin’s Jet”), rips out a solid groove (“Stuck Here Without You”), or takes the piss out of his ambition by re-working one his commercial jingles (“Bonus Lucky 7″) and all is well. Mark’s colossally, wonderfully self-obsessed. The sheer audacity and frightening intensity of his ambition is absolutely thrilling. In a state that forgot how to make solid, non-derivative pop music a few decades ago, that’s to be celebrated.”

Mark Galasso-a.k.a “Antifluff Superstar”-has been recognized Nationally and Internationally for nine spectacular radio jingles he has written for the Louisiana Lottery Corporation. In 1999, “Pick 4” won “Best Radio Spot” at the North American Lottery Awards in Halifax, Nova Scotia. “Bonus Lucky 7” & a Gambline Hotline Tv Spot were also finalists in the competition, which involved 49 lottery companies from all over North America. Additionally, his Jingles “Mambo Money” & “Let the Good Times Roll” won Audio Communicator Awards in 2001, and “Mambo Money” was given the “Crystal Award for Excellence”.

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