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Mark Galasso, a.k.a. Antifluff Superstar, is a musician, composer/songwriter/producer and recording artist, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

His prolific work as a recording artist has produced six CD’s, hundreds of recorded songs/works and nine high profile award winning radio jingles for the Louisiana Lottery Corporation. (Lottery Jingles/Spotify). His jingle Poker Night is a top selling poker song on iTunes.

His first CD release in 1997 is a critically acclaimed 72 minute work entitled “Perchaplectic“:

Top Songs: “Let’s Make it Work Somehow“, “10 Miles Away

Mark Galasso’s Discography:

Perchaplectic: Perchaplectic CD

Having spent years developing his own sound/style as a Pop/Rock/Funk artist he has produced four remarkable CD’s released between 2000-2005 under the alias “Antifluff Superstar”:

Antifluff Superstar: Antifluff Superstar CD

Lottery Jingles: Lottery Jingles CD

Pop: Pop

Spirit Play: Spirit Play

Big Backyard -Montessori Songs for Children: Big Backyard (CD)

In 2013, he released “Big Backyard -Montessori Songs for Children”:

“The goal with ‘Big Backyard” was to create some new standard children’s songs that would endure the test of time and empower children through the liberating philosophical principals of Montessori.”

He Was Gone : (Single) Released August 7, 2019

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