Lottery Jingles CD

Lottery Jingles CD is a compilation of commercial Lottery Jingles.  It contains nine radio spots composed and produced by Mark Galasso, aka Antifluff Superstar.

The first four of the jingles on the CD have won National & International awards in advertising.

“Pick 4” the first cut on the CD, won BEST RADIO SPOT at the NORTH AMERICAN LOTTERY AWARDS, in Halifax Nova Scotia, 1999. There were 47 Lottery companies at the competition, from all over North America.

Also included on this CD is the “Brocato Piece.” This was composed for Brocato International’s 1998 appearance at the “ALTERNATIVE HAIR SHOW”, at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL, LONDON. Every year a video of the show is made and distributed throughout the world wide hair industry. The “Alternative Hair Show” is one of the biggest Leukaemia fund raisers in the world.

The CD ends with a re-mastered version of “ANTIFLUFF SUPERSTAR”.

This CD will make you dance and funk ya up and leave you with a smile. If you want to hear what fresh, Louisiana-Mardi-Gras Party- Funk sounds like, you’ll get ya some on this fo’ sho’!